Part I: The Five Books of Moses

In selecting the texts, major emphasis was placed on the Book of Genesis. The reader does not require any prior knowledge. For adults, theological explanations are placed below or alongside the texts. For children, helpful hints in easy-to-understand language are set close to the pictures. It is the main educational concept of this book for pictures to have a decisive influence on the development of our children’s faith. What we see at an early age has a deep impact on us and can leave a lasting impression on our minds, sometimes for an entire lifetime.

Part II: Stories About Kings, Judges, and Prophets

Part II of the “Journey” contains a rich selection of stories from the Books of Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and Kings. Special emphasis has been placed on texts in which women play a major role. Several digressions cast new light on the subject of “violence in the Bible.” Commentaries are based on modern theology to help readers to understand the texts. Children are made familiar with the pictures in easy-to-understand language. 

Part III: The Prophetic Books

Part III (only available in German) is about 15 prophets who, with their commitment and courage, are still having an effect today. Who does not know the motto of the swords being forged into ploughshares, who does not know the famous vision of animal peace when the wolf dwells with the lamb? Here they have their say, here they are explained in their contexts in an understandable way. Visual aids and questions about the images directed at children and young people lead to the meaning of the prophetic words.